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Enjoy Health & Energy


There’s an easier way to less pain, less fatigue, and more quality time for YOUR Life.

Apply a Personalized Menu Plan You Love

 (that actually works!), so you’re consistent and see results

Get Accountability to Win at Your New Diet 

Gain Confidence so you Get Your Family on board, Socialize Effortlessly Again & Actually Enjoy Your New Lifestyle 


If you are already on a Protocol Diet,

...Hate it.
...Don’t have the willpower to stay on it long enough to see results.
...Wonder if this is just what your new life looks like... and if you should “just grin and bear it”
….Feel destined to fail because it’s such a struggle and you’re STILL in pain and feel miserable...

It’s the worst feeling--


You want to get healthy, lower inflammation and feel better... but you can’t stay on track with your diet, so you never see the results.

I know how hard it is to show up when you're in pain and just trying to survive…

That was me too a few years ago…

You’re not doomed to suffer in silence, stomach a diet you hate, turn down invitations, or hide out at home.

I can help you.

If you...


  • suffer from chronic fatigue, stress, inflammation, brain fog, pain or digestive issues
  • visit doctor after doctor, start medications and protocols but get only limited results...  and never feel quite like yourself.
  • research, watch videos, read books, listen to podcasts but can’t turn all the information into real-time solutions or lasting results.
  • started the protocol diet but can’t stay on it long enough to feel or see a difference
  • become increasingly frustrated, frightened and dependent upon others...with a sinking feeling that you’re destined to fail
  • dread  and skip holidays or events because you just don’t know how to handle it

Take Control of Your Healing


Get answers, accountability and advice to stay on track & Master the Protocol

 Are you ready to stop the struggle and ENJOY the healing process and a new upgraded lifestyle?

A doctor tells you what to do.

A coach shows you HOW to do it.


A customized program to create lasting wellness. Combine your new diet with powerful new habits and begin a new way of showing up for yourself. 

Transform your life as you upgrade your health  

Meet Darlene:

An expert in health and human behavior, Darlene helps her clients not only follow a new wellness protocol, but turn healing into an upgraded way of living for lifelong wellness.

She shows you exactly where autoimmune disease originates and how it relates to your healing. 

She helps you change the environment (and the old stories) that allowed the symptoms to take root, so you take control of your healing and create a life of wellness and balance. 

During her own healing journey with autoimmune disease, she realized that traditional medicine, the protocol diet, and exercise only produce average results. She discovered many powerful tools that made the difference in her own healing and realized that the key to solving autoimmune disease issues came from within. 

Diet & Lifestyle are the most powerful health influencers--

but most often left to figure it out by your own selves by the medical paradigm/doctors. They rarely get attention in the brief discussions doctors  have with patients. It leaves you scrambling for more information and advice you can trust about how to follow the diet, and make the necessary changes for healing.  

That’s why I give you the diet and the wellness habits--while I guide you to release the old patterns that allowed the illness to thrive in the first place. 

I will show you how to clear out toxic foods, thoughts and relationship dynamics that keep you stuck and sick---  so you create lifelong health and wellness. 

This is the most comprehensive program I know to have more energy, less pain, and MORE   QUALITY TIME FOR YOUR LIFE and the THINGS THAT MATTER MOST TO YOU.  

Don’t just reduce the effects of your symptoms when you can upgrade your life in all areas.

Get the accountability you need to consistently take action toward your goals and get amazing results. You’ll not only know exactly what it takes for you to be successful, but how to make the empowering choices that guarantee success for the rest of your life.

You need the consistency to see the results. 

When it comes to diet, there is no other way. 

I’ll guide you as you consistently create positive changes in your life.


Work With Darlene


  • WEEKLY Q & A

The Content 


 1. Preparing for Success: Clear excuses and define success on YOUR TERMS. You can never claim what you don’t name- so finding your motivation and target goal will define your strategy and make you a winner. 

2. Getting to the Source of WHY: Discover what you are telling yourself repeatedly that allowed the disease to take hold in your body- uncover subconscious patterns made you sick and reprogram them into empowering messages of healing.

3. Begin with Intention: This step is where you pause and discover where you went wrong before and set up a solid plan that avoids the pitfalls and delivers success. 

4. Individualize Your Plan: Go deeper into your plan. You need one that fits YOUR life and circumstances. You’ll get the tools to dial it in so it’s perfect for you.

5. Rethinking Healing: Rethink what’s possible and how your circle of influence-- including your health team-- affects your healing. You will no longer be limited by the beliefs of others.

6. Setting the Habit System: Use the power of your subconscious mind to establish healing habits that last.

7. Standing UP for your Plan: This step is a game changer. Get over the idea that you’re “being difficult”. How to stand up for yourself while being polite, so your needs are met and you stay on track with your diet and healing. Get your partner, your family, your friends on board.  

8. Evaluation Process: Master this easy 4-step process to ensure ongoing healing and success.  

9. Activate your Healing: Learn all my secrets to develop your own Secret Sauce to accelerate and activate your healing. 

10. Go Deeper:  I help you change the environment (everything from your cluttered closet, packaged food heavy pantry to the old stories playing in your head). We’ll revamp and upgrade your environment so it enhances your health and wellness. 

If you don't clear out the invisible origins of the disease,


 you’ll never see the results you desire

... BUT when you DO, you see a drastic improvement in your symptoms and get on a fresh path to a standard of living that lasts forever. 


Don’t wait around for the next thing to hit you

Take Control Of Your Healing & Life

    • Set boundaries with ease 
    • Get relief-- most of my clients say this is one of the biggest  game changers… 
    • Stop self sabotage
    • Fill your cup first
    • Be a priority in your life..     


“Before working with you everything was garbled, it was too much information! I thought I was ready but I didn't understand what I was being told. You broke it down into easy sections and I understand it all. I see how my diet is connected to my thinking, my relationships and what I do.”  

“Working with you I always get the next step and I’m never caught in the overwhelm.. That frees me up to do what I need to do.”    -Tracy S.

Are you Ready? It’s Your Time to Master the Protocol Diet and Create Lasting Wellness



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