It's time to...

Fall in love with your offer.

Write powerful copy aligned with your niche.

Show up as an authority in your field.




Ready to create ads, emails, blogs, sales pages and video scripts with magnetic appeal that draw your ideal clients closer to you?

Join our writer's circle of entrepreneurs and influencers.

 If you want your ideal client to come up to you and say, “Tell me more about what you do!”...

If you want to know...

  • exactly which words resonate most with your niche market
  • the best way to talk and write about what you do so it reflects how amazing and  intriguing your offer truly is…

Don’t waste time trying to come up with engaging content on your own. Use our proven templates. Get feedback and support as you create copy that converts readers into buyers.

Quality content is the key to more sales and more impact.

You don’t need another marketing plan-- you need great content!

It’s time to get Content Confident.


Get weekly support, templates, feedback and accountability. Everything you need to finally get in front of your niche market as an expert and grow your tribe. 

Welcome, I am Darlene. I believe in showing up fully to your purpose.

I'm one half of our magic combination. My magic lies in seeing the vision and breaking it down. I am a three times bestseller and award winning author who absolutely is in love with my offer. It is my passion to help coaches and entrepreneurs rock their message so that they too can  fall in love with their offers. 

Hi, I'm Nicole. I believe in the power of words to transform your business and your life. 

I'm a copywriter, ghostwriter, book coach and author of COPYWRITING MAGIC: How to Create Brilliant Content That Attracts Your Dream Clients

I help service-based entrepreneurs find the heart of their message with the precise words that grab attention and lead to meaningful conversations, inspired action, and new clients.  

If you're like us...

Writing content for your business feels like the longest writing assignment ever.

It's a massive project that includes every text message and Facebook post you write. 

Does any of this sound like you?

  • You waste too much time trying to come up with engaging copy that only gets crickets.
  • Overwhelmed with the clutter of ideas in your head, filling notebooks and online files.
  • You're not sure what to say or how to say it.
  • Writing but rarely publishing (or converting.)
  • "Push, push, faster, faster" isn't your style (and sometimes you feel you haven't even found your style yet.)
  • You do your best work when you’re calm and go at a slower pace.
  • You're tired of inconsistent sales and feeling icky about your offer.
  • Your goal is to be highly visible but you're still not showing up the way you need to to make an impact.

It's so frustrating! You know you have a message to share, but it just isn't coming together and working for you. 

We created this community because we believe that working together is the best way to make things flow easier and happen faster. 

We believe that the shared energy and intention of a community is fundamental for our individual success. Plus, it's a lot more fun.

That's why we are so passionate about creating spaces where massive support, productive feedback, and constant accountability help our clients take consistent action and get outstanding results. 

When it comes to writing copy, it's not just about creating a lot of content.

And it's definitely not about perfection.

It's about knowing when to stop creating, gather the gold nuggets you've already uncovered, and publish. You get in front of your niche market where the real magic happens. 


It's time to move forward as an authority. 

  • Curate your message.
  • Speak about your success.
  • Engage in scalable conversations that lead to sales.
Our mission is to help you get Content Confident.

Content Confidence is knowing exactly what to say to get attention and make an impact.

That's what we're offering in this one-of-a-kind community. 

Please join us. 

Then we invite you to join us in our community…

Content Confidence for Entrepreneurs 

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How it works... 

Step by step, you'll complete the core elements so you create a vast library of content that organically grows your business, your online community, and your authority.

What we cover ...

We take you along your content success path.  Before you even begin writing, we help you re-identify your client's problem, your goals & your ideal client avatar.

There are 5 steps on this success path to becoming an expert. 

1) Use the framework we provide as a clear structure for all future content.

2) You complete all your business basics, from sales pages to email sequences.

3) You get visible (get in front your niche market with all your presentation skills and tools.)

4) Begin to take your place as an authority with  articles and chapters.

5) Embrace full content confidence with your very own book. 

No matter where you are on your business journey, we will help you fill in the gaps and finish what you started.

Content Generator Magic

We have put together everything you need to consistently create content that educates and converts.
 Content Generator Magic ™ offers 3 vital components:


We nurture achievable steps so you show up and create brilliant content. 



Know exactly what to write and how to set and meet deadlines.  



Create relationships, test out your ideas, get feedback and support. 


What's it like inside a month as a member of the Content Confidence for Entrepreneurs ?

  • Facebook Group (peer support)

  •  Monthly Planning Session (20-30 minutes)

  •  Monthly Workshop (60-90 minutes) 

  •  Monthly Mindset Call (30-60 minutes)

  •  Monthly Q & A (60 minutes) 

more details


Who we are....


Nicole Washburn

As a writing teacher for over 28 years, I know how to get your words working for you. 

  • 25+ years creating educational content and marketing content.
  • Author of Copywriting Magic: How to Write Content that Attracts Your Dream Clients
  • "Copywriter to the Coaches" - I've written copy for hundreds of "soulpreneurs'" over the past few years alone. 
  • Mindset Coach and Book Coach for 5+ years
  • Bilingual (English & Spanish)
  • Certified NLP Practitioner


Nicole's a badass copywriter. I love her. My clients love working with her. She's the one to hire if you want your message to speak directly to your audience so you get sales. 

Vanessa Simpkins, CEO & founder of Take Your Power Back Now


Darlene M Turriff

the skills I developed and  used to heal my autoimmune and remain in "remission" for over 8 years are the same that brings consistency to my writing.

  • 5+  years  serial entrepreneur
  • 3+ years coaching
  • Published 3 times in one year (all bestsellers in multiple categories)
  • International Impact Book Award Winner 
  • Certified Deep Thought Strategist (trademark system by
  • Bachelor Degree Honours Theology, Concordia University
  • Paralegal
  • Bilingual (English & French)
  • 25 years public speaking & leadership

What we believe

1. Investment always precedes return.

2. Get comfortable with discomfort.

3. There never is a "right" time.

4. Long game begins now.

5. Important can also be fun.


What we value

We determine our success by your success.

Your unique message and authentic confidence is our focus, because the way you express yourself 100% determines the success of your business. 

Simplicity and consistency create miracles. "Let it be easy" is our mantra.

Fun because fun is a higher energy. 



Why invest time, money & energy into becoming an authority and expert?

1. Create the impact you desire in the world.

2. Serve those you were meant to serve in a much bigger way.

3. Achieve the success you always knew you were capable of.

4. Create a reputation as being a thought leader.

5. Generate clients the easy way:  let them come to you.

Here's what you get when you join...


Core Content

Templates/ outlines (ads, emails, video scripts, taglines, bios, blogs, article, opt ins, chapter outline, book outline and more)
Checklists/Planners (biz content authority checklist, content planner, 10 key ideas Content Generator)
Video training (expert insights, sales presentation, how to build a model)

Facebook Community for support, networking, accountability & peer feedback


Monthly Content

Planning Session
Workshop/ Hot Seat 
Mindset Call
Q & A

***This is not a course or program, but an ongoing relationship where we and the community support you as you complete your core content and become an authority.


What's it like to work with Nicole & Darlene? 

Missy Croteau

Health and Wellness Coach

I truly would not have gotten far without Nicole. She's easy to connect with and took whatever ideas I had and made them sound amazing. What she does is truly a gift and I've seen her do this for other entrepreneurs I know. She takes their copy and makes it sound amazing in their own words. Hiring Nicole to write my copy was truly the best decision for me in my business. She always has a kind word when I felt discouraged and stuck in my message or marketing. She asks the right questions to figure out what I want to say and get the process going again. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with her is blessed. She eased all my fears!

Tara Nolan

Business and Life Coach at Transformation Tara

Nicole is a true professional with a creative spirit who brings her zest for life into the writing process. she has guided me in copywriting projects to create greater converting ads and video script as well as completing of a book project. All of which were completed with much more ease, simplicity, and fun with her help. 






Elizabeth Rees

Author, Business and Book Coach at The Tangled Pen

Ever wonder why your ad isn't doing so hot? Copy isn't my strong suit. Nicole was able to work with me on the ad and it went from 1-2 people engaging to 29 engaging in just one week. That's huge! Now the ad has a life of it's own and engagement is skyrocketing. I couldn't have done it without Nicole's help. She took my jumble of words, did a nip here and a tuck there and created a masterpiece. Anyone who needs help with their writing should absolutely use Nicole. She listens, gets to know who you are, and puts all of that into your writing. 

Pauline Pellerin

Energy Worker & Musician

I had the occasion to work on certain projects with Darlene and attended some conferences that she was the speaker. Her leadership and enthusiasm can uplift groups that have lost their momentum. Her sense of commitment, perseverance and planning skills are outstanding. She is simply a breath of fresh air and amazing boost of energy.

Robin Whitford

Artist & Creativity Coach


Inside Darlene's one month challenge, I was able to rewrite my intentions that are more realistic during this time, but still keep me focused on my goals and not let me stay stuck in fear. By doing this, I was immediately able to take real steps towards my goals and look for new creative ways to reach them. 

Laurel Thomson

Voice & Speaking Coach

Darlene help excavate and examine every facet of my business coaching offers; expert insights was a deep dive into how I speak of what I do,  I now have many many nuggets of gold in how I express, market, present and talk about my unique offers and I can articulate what sets me apart from my competitors.  I now have a  system that will serve me every time my business develops and grows.

Darlene was Nicole's Coach and Nicole was Darlene's coach...

Darlene's calming confidence and clarity quickly got me unstuck and so that I was able to finish my book. She did a content edit of my first draft and challenged me to claim my authority. 

Nicole was both my 1:1 coach and also in a group program. Without her outlines, schedules and checklists I would still not be done my first draft. Then her copy writing magic transformed my expertise into digestible and impactful book, that honestly, I cannot believe I wrote. 

Pre-Launch Content Magic

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