Hi, I am Darlene Turriff 

Three times best selling and International Impact Award winning author, coach and speaker. I help soul-preneurs and aspiring influencers who have so many ideas, easily  develop their own proprietary content which they can use as an outline for a book, articles or speech.  

I believe in 2 things that make life easy. First, all of life is about spiritual growth. Our reality in life is a reflection of how well we understand how to make decisions that reflect that. Second, we are called to understand our purpose through action. Incorporating what we understand and what we believe into actual transformation requires courage. 

It is my passion to write, to teach spiritual courage and to help coaches step into their authority. 

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"You can make anything by writing" -C.S. Lewis 


I work exclusively with coaches and entrepreneurs to develop content. As a certified deep thought strategist, I use Steve Lowell's proprietary Expert Insights™ and my own Content Generator Magic™ to take your ideas and transform them into a mind map  for your content so that you can step into your authority and take your place as the expert you are in your field. Knowing what you are going to write, is the first step and the hardest step. ALL of my clients say the same thing, "Darlene you make it so easy!". 

The "magic" I bring to the process is my vision for your gift.  My "gift" is that I am both creative and logical. I truly believe in your purpose AND I fully understand the "resistance" of our ego brain. Writing to completion requires many different skills. If you have the dream of writing a book or becoming a motivational speaker, you are not alone.  I would love to help you make your dream come true. 

This is for you if:

  • you want to outline your book
  • you want to outline your signature talk
  • you want to develop models to represent your program or system  
  • you are tired of programs and your time is valuable
  • you have a big opportunity and you need help now
  • you're ready to become an expert and don't want to wait any longer

So if you would like to create an impact on the world and you need some help doing that, I invite you to book a call and we can discuss. 

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What people are saying

Ruth Larbie

Business Sales & Confidence Coach &  CEO @ Own Your Greatness 

“I’ve been through many coaches over the past 2 years and I've never felt fully aligned with my offer until working with Darlene & Nicole. This is a HUGE VICTORY for me.”

Robin Whitford

Artist & Creativity Coach

Inside Darlene's one-month challenge, I was able to rewrite my intentions that are more realistic during this time, but still keep me focused on my goals and not let me stay stuck in fear. By doing this, I was immediately able to take real steps towards my goals and look for new creative ways to reach them.

Nancy Stevenson

Neora Independent Brand Partner

Thank you Darlene Turriff for opening up my world and having me create a group where I could use my passions and expertise to help others. I didn’t know I could make a living doing this, but you have clearly shown myself and the group that yes we can!!!

So excited to grow with you all!

3 Ways Your Pre-Writing Content Can Shift Your Business


Creating a model as a visual for your intellectual property is a powerful tool to create your authority. I help entrepreneurs create 3 basic models, the problem model, the cause model and the solution model.

Mind Map:

Mapping out your business growth plan & your business content plan allows you to know what to focus on first. Unfortunately, writing is a never ending task, best to be confident with a plan. 

Magic Generator:

Content Generators are key to identifying main themes, stories and teaching points. Forcing the creative side into specific categories, helps pull out the gold

Together these 3 tools, that you complete before you even sit down to write, make it easy, create the  impact you desire and give you such clarity & confidence that the writing gets done faster.  I know when I was finished writing my book, Mastering the Protocol, I was amazed that I had written something that good. 

Membership for Entrepreneurs & Influencers

Read more details about my amazing partnership with Nicole Washburn. Everything you need to create your business content. Library of templates, accountability with weekly calls and professional feedback on your copy.  Come Get Content Confident and finally create the impact you desire.

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Soon to be released

Coming in the Fall of 2022 is my next book in the series of autoimmune healing.  In the meantime, you may join my free  community of the same name. 

Would you like to have me as a guest speaker in your group or on your podcast?  Book your spot now, before the release. 

I go deeper into how we not only need to heal the illness but also the identity we adopt when we are sick. 

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What's available right now...

Here are my current publications available for purchase right now. 

EMERGE, Be the Unmistakeable  Authority in Your Field

Darlene appears here with her mentors Steve & Jayne Lowell and the incomparable Brian Tracy. This book highlights the expert insightsof its authors.  She shares her problem model entitled the Autoimmune Identity Cycle.

You Were Made to Be Unstoppable

Darlene appears here with her mastermind partners Nim Stant & Nicole Washburn. In this collection, she shares the story of her incredible comeback from autoimmune disease and her journey into entrepreneurship. 

Mastering the Protocol

Darlene's award winning book on the strategies used to not only overcome autoimmune disease but build an abundant life. She introduces the concept of the Autoimmune Identity Cycle and how the solution is you.

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Ways to work with me...

I work with people 3 ways. 

1) Join my membership.  I have coached groups and programs, but I have found that my clients need less intensity and more support over a longer period. This is the best way I have found.

2) Sign up for a workshop or event. Again, a quick win to get back on track is sometimes all we need. 

3) Private Coaching. For some people this is the preferred method. Please refer to the "work with me section" to see these options.

Darlene Has Been Featured In:

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Learn about how Darlene and Katherine are connected and creating a biz that works for them.

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Darlene & Nicole join Lynn McLaughlin

Nicole & Darlene have been in a powerful mastermind together for over 3 years and now, as business partners, they are creating a space for entrepreneurs to produce content with a touch of magic. 

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Soulful Biz with the Awakened Badass

Tish Gentili

Join Tish and Darlene as they have a deep discussion about the importance of having a soulful biz when healing autoimmune. Listen here

Join Tish in her FB group.  


Darlene joins Sharon Sayler for an hour of great conversation about the inner work required to heal.

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 Darlene joins Kristie Burk for a conversation about healing.


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AIP Stories of Recovery


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Keynote Speaker


Darlene is an energetic and inspirational speaker who has appeared at international summits and also makes guest appearances on podcasts and interviews in more intimate groups.

She is currently available for virtual conferences, online workshops and seminars.
If you would like Darlene Turriff to speak at your event or endorse or support your product or service, please submit your contact information and details here. We will be in contact with you soon. Thank you.

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