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Hi, I'm Darlene!


Coach, Mentor and Motivational Speaker. I have struggled and overcome my own chronic illness and NOW, I am on my mission to help women change their thinking , take effective action and start creating their healthy and prosperous life.

I'm here to support you to focuses on mindset shift, habits and connection to rebuild, reclaim and recover from your chronic conditions.

Are you ready to let go of the struggle? Stop repeating the patterns? Ready to say not again! for the last time? If YES, read more.


More About Me


I never thought that I would be here. Mindset has been exactly, exactly what I needed to work on. The term work has changed meaning. We broke down my challenges. I learned how to trust and redefine work to mean ease & play. Claiming out loud I don’t want to work hard. I don’t want to struggle. Mindset is so empowering. Before working with Darlene I dreaded going to work to the point it ruined my evening and weekends and working with Darlene provided me with a complete 180. Now, I follow my intuition and trust it, I am feeling quite victorious. Mindset is everything. I am feeling VERY good. The response I have been getting from my clients has been terrific.

Chronic Illness Recovery


4 components to healing

3 step formula

2 choices to every decision

1 key Code to live your life

Beyond the Protocol

10 week Intensive experience for those who are starting or re-starting an autoimmune protocol. How to successfully fit your specialized diet into your life so that you can finally feel free.

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Momentum Membership

A continuing plan to keep your success going. A monthly Q&A and a target topic training. The community continues so that you feel supported. Option to add 1:1 laser coaching.

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1:1 Personalized Program

All the great access to the other programs and the benefit of 1:1 deep dive into specific issues. For people who value their time and want fast results.

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Health Plan Consultation

A 2 part evaluation to develop a strategy for your health goals. The first session is understanding and creating a vision for how your health fits into your personal goals. The second session is my evaluation and plan for how to implement your goals. Diet & exercise is only ¼ of our health goals. 

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Surviving the Holidays on AIP

3 mistakes to avoid & 3 foolproof steps to simplify and succeed 

Do you dread the holidays because you hate all the comments about your health and the inevitable explaining why you can’t eat something? OR even worse you avoid the whole scene and just go off diet for the day? I KNOW this is a real problem and that is why I created this 3 step process to survive the holidays and stay on plan.  It’s simple and it works! Get your FREE copy today.

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