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Hi, I'm Darlene!


Coach, Mentor and Motivational Speaker. I have struggled and overcome my own chronic illness and NOW, I am on my mission to help women change their thinking , take effective action and start creating their healthy and prosperous life.

I'm here to support you to focuses on mindset shift, habits and connection to rebuild, reclaim and recover from your chronic conditions.

Are you ready to let go of the struggle? Stop repeating the patterns? Ready to say not again! for the last time? If YES, read more.


More About Me

Jayne Lowell


"If you are even "thinking" about it....DO IT!! Darlene Turriff is awesome... she is loving, kind and knowledgable.....

I started listening to her last Septmeber 2020 and have healed my body sooooo much and lost 22 lbs without dieting at all!! never thought I would feel so good and lose weight!! "

Beyond the Protocol


10 week Intensive experience for those who are starting or re-starting an autoimmune protocol. How to successfully fit your specialized diet into your life so that you can finally feel free.


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Master the Protocol Membership, Maintenance, Momentum & Motivation


continues here….once you have implemented the protocol this is the place for implementation and your community of support

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Passion, Purpose & Profit


a unique combination of community and content designed for entrepreneurs who want to prioritize their health first and want profit too



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Workshops & Events



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Tanis Eardley


Before working with Darlene, I never believed that my diet was affecting my health so much. 

After just 10 weeks I have lost weight, I have a lot less pain, I am more agile and I have hope!

Mastering the Protocol is so much more serious about healing than any other program I found. My GIANT AHA moment is understanding that knowing about my Lupus is not the same as doing something about it.

My doctor is thrilled with my progress. I highly recommend Darlene. The Mastering the Protocol Bootcamp is reasonably priced and so much value. 

Autoimmune Identity Reset
Five-day Workshop

Hosted by Darlene Turriff, Author, Coach and Speaker

5 days of fun, support, prizes and information.

Let this be the moment your life changes.


Break free of autoimmune controlling your life! Join me for 5 days of live training as I walk you through the Autoimmune Identity Cycle and work with you to create your vision for your health, your personalized plan to succeed and an implementation strategy that won’t fail you. Reclaim your life from your autoimmune struggles by learning how to master the autoimmune identity solution. 









Darlene Has Been Featured In:


AIP Stories of Recovery


Fas Track Your Business Summit


Appearance in Brian Tracy & Jayne & Steve Lowell's book "Emerge, Be The Unmistakable Authority in Your Field"


Darlene shares her unstoppable story in the bestselling book with Nim Stant, Go All In, Media Corp.


Bestselling Book


Darlene’s second bestselling book Mastering the Protocol

10 Key Success Strategies to Reverse Autoimmune Disease and Heal Your Life Forever, delivers her secrets to healing from what she calls the Autoimmune Identity Cycle. When you heal the environments in which your disease took hold, you heal your life.

Step by step, this book takes you through the healing journey to reversing autoimmune disease. The perfect combination of inspirational and practical.



Keynote Speaker


Darlene is an energetic and inspirational speaker who has appeared at international summits, such as Fast Track Your Business in 2021 and also makes guest appearances and interviews in more intimate groups.

She is currently available for virtual conferences, online workshops and seminars.
If you would like Darlene Turriff to speak at your event or endorse or support your product or service, please submit your contact information and details here. We will be in contact with you soon. Thank you.

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